The SENSE Plan

If you have ever been confused about what to eat and why?
You are in the right place!

The SENSE Plan, is not low calorie or low fat. It is not about feeling deprived or hungry.

It is about feeding your body with real food in its  natural state so that you feel consistently satisfied and energised throughout the day.

It will also guide you to improve your beliefs, habits and behaviours to create lasting change.

I created The SENSE Plan for all the women who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. For the women who despite having a lifetime of dieting still do not know what to eat or how to stay consistent with a plan.

I owned a ladies gym for over a decade and this is where I was inspired to create The SENSE Plan

I realised through working with the ladies in my gym that dieting just does not work. 

You need to improve your beliefs, habits and behaviours you have around food.

You must learn to focus on nutrition not calories.

You must learn to focus on the process of eating well not the result on the scales. 

The SENSE Plan is Simple, Satisfying and Sustainable.

Benefits of following the SENSE plan

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kinesiology & nutrition belfast


kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Improve Your Health


kinesiology & nutrition belfast


kinesiology & nutrition belfast


kinesiology & nutrition belfast


kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Fit Better

kinesiology & nutrition belfast


The diet and fitness industry will tell you all you need to do to lose weight is maintain a “calorie deficit”! 

On the surface, it sounds so simple, eat less calories, lose weight.

It is true, a calorie deficit is the correct formula for weight loss.

BUT, let’s face it, is it really that simple?

Improving your health, losing weight, and increasing your energy levels all starts with the QUALITY of the food you eat, not just the quantity or calorie content.

The SENSE Plan
goes beyond calorie deficit, it will provide you with

The Tools

The tools you need to manage hunger habits and cravings to help you make eating well an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice.

Nutrition Advice

It will help you understand nutrition and focus on the QUALITY of your food and what your body needs to be and feel nourished.


Learn how to cook tasty nutritious balanced meals that your whole family will enjoy.

Change Habits

Teach you how to change your beliefs, habits, and behaviours around food.

Self Awareness

Guide you to become self-aware and improve your self-image and self-talk


Become part of a supportive community of women who are all on the same journey as you and you will have consistent encouragement, coaching and weekly accountability from myself.

The SENSE Plan is about understanding the relationship between what you eat and how you feel.        When you get the nutritional balance right you will feel satisfied and energised. 

 What you need to lose weight is a calorie deficit. What you need to look and feel amazing is a good balance of protein, fibre and fat with minimal processed, high sugar and high fat foods.  

Your long-term health, your energy, your mood and sleep are all affected by the food you eat.

Food nourishes us, it keeps us strong and healthy. When you start to view it in this way losing weight becomes much easier as your focus is on good quality nutritious food that will keep you                      feeling satisfied instead of low nutrient foods that keep you craving.

Are You Ready To Transform
Your Health, Weight & Energy?