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The SENSE Community is the perfect place for you to gain inspiration, support and accountability on your journey to optimal health.

This is the perfect place for you if

New diets do not deliver new results.
New lifestyles do.

A lifestyle is not an outcome it is a process. For this reason, all your energy should go into building better rituals not chasing better results.

Join The SENSE Community and allow me to guide, support and coach you to build healthy habits and learn how to make eating well a simple and sustainable lifestyle choice.

The SENSE Pam is about understanding the relationship between what you eat and how you feel. When you get the nutritional balance right you will feel satisfied and energised throughout the day.

When you focus on the quality of the food you eat, you will have more energy, your health will improve and you will look and feel better.

I also want to encourage you to forget about your weight and learn to eat for health and energy. Your size, shape and weight are irrelevant if you are tired all the time, you are feeling depressed or anxious and you are not happy in your own skin.  A pain free body, with consistent energy levels, a stable mood, quality sleep is possible and it starts with food.

The SENSE Plan is not a prescriptive meal plan or structured diet. Instead, I guide you to focus on principles of nutrition, portion control and nutritious recipes that can be adapted to suit you. This makes it super simple to follow.  It is not low calorie or low fat. It is not about feeling deprived or hungry. It is about feeding your body with real food in its natural state so that you feel consistently satisfied and energised.

The SENSE Plan is based around the wonderful concept of


Bio-individuality helps us embrace the fact that we are all different and therefore we need a flexible approach to nutrition.

However, there are fundamental guidelines that I recommend to all of my clients. 

They are…

With my one-to-one clients I work to create a bespoke plan and we vary it over a 6–12-week period until we have found what works best for them individually.

Within my group I have various recommendations but during our time together I will help you to find out what works best for you.

My clients have reported various non scale wins such as

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Improved Health

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Less Aches and Pains

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Less Bloating

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

More Energy

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Weight and Inch Loss

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Less Mood Swings

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Better Sleep

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Brighter Skin

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Clarity on What to Eat

Weight Management

I love helping clients lose unwanted weight but, I hate the diet industry and what it stands for.  It is confusing, unsupportive and it does not consider Bio Individuality or the fact that weight gain is often an emotional problem.

The diet industry will tell you all you need to do to lose weight is maintain a “calorie deficit”! On the surface, it sounds so simple, eat less calories, lose weight. BUT, let’s face it, is it really that simple? For most women weight gain is an emotional problem and overeating certain foods at times of stress will not be helped by counting calories. 

Changing your beliefs, habits and behaviours around food is an important part of this journey.  Becoming aware of what, when and why you overeat certain foods is the first step to control and change.

Low nutrient dense foods that people eat during times of stress can keep you feeling hungry and continue cravings. Food nourishes you and helps to keep you strong and healthy. When you start to view it in this way eating well becomes much easier as your focus is on good quality nutritious food that will keep you feeling satisfied.

The SENSE Plan
goes beyond calorie deficit, it will provide you with

The Tools

The tools you need to manage hunger habits and cravings to help you make eating well an easy and sustainable lifestyle choice.

Nutrition Advice

It will help you understand nutrition and focus on the QUALITY of your food and what your body needs to be and feel nourished.


Learn how to cook tasty nutritious balanced meals that your whole family will enjoy.

Change Habits

Teach you how to change your beliefs, habits, and behaviours around food.

Self Awareness

Guide you to become self-aware and improve your self-image and self-talk


Become part of a supportive community of women who are all on the same journey as you and you will have consistent encouragement, coaching and weekly accountability from myself.

Our Community

Become part of a supportive community of women who are all on the same journey as you and you will have consistent guidance encouragement, coaching and weekly accountability from myself

My goal with the group is to guide the members to get lasting results

Results come from

Every week we have a Wednesday wins day where we focus on non-scale wins such as more energy, better mood, improved sleep, clothes fitting better and overall health improvements. For the women who like to use the scales they send me a photo of their scale weight.  This weekly support and accountability is so valuable and can often be the thing that helps my clients maintain their great results.  Some of the women in my group have been with me for years and being part of it is the thing that helps them maintain their wonderful results.

Are You Ready To Transform
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Join me and my community of women. I am here to support and guide you all the way.  Not only will you have support from me you will also gain support and encouragement from other women in the group on the same journey as you.