One to One Health & Nutrition Coaching

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Often when we are looking to improve our health or lose weight the missing link is support, encouragement and accountability.

To have someone help you follow through with the promises you make to yourself is priceless.

This is exactly where I come in. I will support and coach you with all of the changes you need to make to improve your health and reach your goals.

nutrition coaching

We begin with an in-depth consultation about you, your lifestyle, and your goals.  I then create a bespoke and realistic plan that respects your individual needs. We get clear on what foods work best for you and I aim to create simple and sustainable plan that you can easily make into a long-term lifestyle change.  During our time together I focus not just on how much you want to weigh but on how you want to feel.

The outcome I am looking for with all of my clients is improvement in health, weight, energy, mood, sleep and self-image.

Our first consultation will include

Prior to your consultation, I ask you to complete and return a three-day food and mood diary and a health questionnaire to give me some background information so we can maximise our time together.

Within 48 hours of your consultation, you will receive your personalised nutrition plan. This includes portion recommendations, recipes, and simple lifestyle changes.

It often includes recommended nutritional supplements to address imbalances. I will explain the plan I have made and answer any questions you may have.  It is important for you to understand why you are making changes as this leaves you empowered to make them. We then decide on a day and time of the week for your weekly appointment. I will support you every step on the way keeping you on track to achieve the outcomes you want.  

I have several options available for you.

The complete health

The ultimate weight Management

The Bespoke
Health And Nutrition

Option 1

The complete health Coaching plan

This package is perfect for you if you have struggled to lose weight in the past, you feel your health is heading in the wrong direction, have a history of emotional eating or binge eating. 

During the 12 weeks you will have a weekly appointment with me in my clinic in Holywood or we can work remotely if is suits you better. We will have daily check-ins and support Monday to Friday via text, WhatsApp or messenger.

Your first session will be 90 minutes and will include a food intolerance test and nutrition assessment. I will then create a bespoke nutrition plan for you based on your needs, likes and dislikes. All recipes are included, and together we will work to master what works best for you taking into consideration your current lifestyle, time and family commitments.

Changing your diet is simply not enough, we need to change your mindset and your attitude to food. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions drive your behaviour. 

Every week we will cover a different topic including, 

The investment for this option is £997

Option 2

The ultimate weight management plan

This is a great option if your health is good, but you have a history of yoyo dieting and are confused about what to eat. 

This option includes 3 appointments in person on week one, week three and week six.  We will have a weekly 30 minute catch up via zoom to check on your results and progress and have daily check in Monday to Friday via text, WhatsApp or messenger.

The investment for this option is £500

Option 3

The Bespoke Health and Nutrition plan

This option is perfect if you are simply confused by what you should be eating and why. This is a 90 minute  appointment with me in my clinic in Holywood or remote if you cant make it to me. 

We will complete a food intolerance test and a digestive assessment and together we will create a plan to suit your taste, budget, family and lifestyle.  

You will leave with a plan and recipes and a better understanding of what to eat and why. If you feel you need accountability but are not ready to invest in a one-to-one coaching package you can join my Facebook support group for a weekly weigh in and support.  The support group is £20 per month paid on the 1st of every month.

The investment for this option is £150

Are You Ready To Transform Your Health, Weight & Energy?

When we complete our time together you will never need to diet again.  You will know exactly what to do to obtain and sustain your results.

Due to the time and attention, I give my clients my spaces are limited. 

Please get in touch if and when you are ready for your transform.