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“don’t wait for an illness to occur to make you want to look after your health”

If you are ready to take charge of your health, weight and energy you are in the right place.

Are you are struggling to get your health on track?

Are you are suffering with illness with no answers ?

Are you are fed up with crazy fad diets that do not work?

Are you are ready to create lasting change?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions get in touch and let me guide you back to a healthier happier you. 


Pam McMinn 


I Can help you

Transform Your Health

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Improve Your Health

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Improve Your Sleep

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Lose Weight

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Gain More Energy

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Improve Your Mood

kinesiology & nutrition belfast

Know Your Body


My consultations are one-to-one sessions where I learn about you and your life so we can work together to get you lasting results and help you reach your health goals. Some people find it useful to have several ongoing consultations. Others need only one.  Our bodies are complex systems, and our lifestyles are individual to us, so not everyone needs the same level of support.  Contact me and we can discuss your needs. 

Systematic Kinesiology

one to one coaching


The Sense Plan

The SENSE Plan, is not low calorie or low fat. It is not about feeling deprived or hungry.

It is about feeding your body with real food in its  natural state so that you feel consistently satisfied and energised throughout the day.

It will also guide you to improve your beliefs, habits and behaviours to create lasting change.

What My Clients Say

Are You Ready To Transform Your Health, Weight & Energy?